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Mark Waters

Mark WatersSounds Good. Mark has been entertaining us on the local radio scene for over 10 years with music influences and sounds spanning 8 decades. A man who was definitely around in the 60’s and remembers it well, he much appreciates bands such as The Luck Of Eden Hall and new bands such as The Dukes of Kent and The Electric Stars who revive 60’s music with great style. With an approach to music like the late John Peel and a record collection almost as varied, Sounds Good is essential listening for Real Music Lovers.

Here is some news from the man himself, Sounds Good! is evolving....over the next few months there will be many new bands and artists you may have never heard of before, I will tell you where to find and support all the great musicians who Sound Good! Not forgetting old favourites and rarities from the past...I now have my turntable directly plugged into my mixer! So be prepared for some snap crackle and pop! Also look out for a new show "A Handful Of Keys" An occasional show introducing the delights of Jazz from sweet shellac to the present day.

Mike Marwick

Mike MarwickRock ‘n’ Roll Saturday, music from the 50’s and early 60’s, the birth of Rock and Roll. On The Weekend, is an eclectic mix of adult contemporary music from singers-songwriters with spice tracks of Cajun, Country, Roots Music, Folk, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll & Scottish music.

Mike Marwick was born in Aberdeen in 1947 but has spent virtually his whole life in Edinburgh where he is a full time lawyer.

His interest in radio grew during the offshore ‘pirate’ era of the 1960s when radio station studios and transmitters were based on ships three miles or more off the coast to avoid territorial limits and the authorities. Stations like Radio Scotland on 242m and Radio Caroline on 259m inspired him to get involved.

His first programs aired in Calgary, Alberta in Canada for some five years from 1968. He also served his apprenticeship in the UK in hospital radio in Paisley, Kirkcaldy and Arbroath.

He joined Paisley based local commercial station Q96 when it launched in September 1992 presenting the “Rock & Roll Revival Show” for three years and stayed there until the station was taken over in 1996. With the birth of 105.2 Saga FM in Glasgow in September 2004 (which was subsequently bought by GMG in December 2006 and renamed 105.2 Smooth Radio) he continued the rock and roll tradition until spring 2008 when network programming was introduced.

Says Mike: “Rock and Roll was an important part of Glasgow culture in the 1950s and 60s. Following the end of World War 2, Glasgow had more dance halls than any other city in the UK and to this day traditional jive thrives in the west of Scotland. My program Rock ‘n’ Roll Saturday aims to recapture the magic of that era and to support those involved in promoting the culture.”

Mike recently met Johnnie Walker the veteran Radio Caroline DJ and BBC Radio 2 presenter, he even managed to get an interview with his hero for his 2 shows on The Music Machine Scotland.

Bill Black

Bill BlackBill Black’s Classic Country, a mix of classic 50’s country all the way through to Taylor Swift.

Paisley man Bill Black has presented Country music radio shows for 40 years in West Central Scotland. He became the very first Country music radio presenter in Scotland when he began a weekly show on Radio Clyde just after the station went on the air on Hogmanay / New Year 1973 on 261 meters medium wave. Since then Bill has become something of an institution having broadcast on Radio Clyde ‘261’ and 1152 Clyde 2 AM, Saga 105.2 FM and then after Saga was bought by the GMG Radio group and rebranded and launched as 105.2 Smooth Radio.

Bill’s musical knowledge not only spans many years but over these years, Bill has interviewed many Country legends including Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Tammy Wynette, Marty Robbins and Billie Jo Spears.

He has won many accolades and awards in this time including the prestigious International Country Music Broadcaster Award from The Country Music Association in Nashville – the home of the genre.

John Leith

John LeithIn 1967 I recycled an old gramophone turntable, put in a stereo pickup and connected it to my Dansette Major for the right channel and a Reel to Reel Tape Recorder for the left channel. This way I could listen to The Beatles Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band the way it was meant to be heard, in glorious stereo.

The Music Machine was born two years later in 1969 when I bought a new Polish Goplana Radio from Curry’s, I can’t remember the total cost, what I do remember is that I paid for it in instalments of 2 shillings a week (10p). By early 1969 the recycled turntable was not in general use so I built a case around it with orange box wood and wrote Music Machine on it in pencil. I then replaced the stereo pickup with the original mono pickup back and plugged it into the input socket at the back of the Goplana Radio. I then put both the radio and turntable on a high shelf in our living room out of the way of my 3 younger brothers and four younger sisters. So the original Music Machine was born, every visitor to our house got an earful of my music whether they liked it or not, I had no complaints.

The Music Machine has gone through many technological changes over the years, the latest digital version still includes the facility to play CD’s tapes and even vinyl. My musical tastes are very varied and I genuinely like almost all kinds of music, on my show you can expect to hear Rock, Punk, Oldies, Prog Rock, rare vinyl in fact just about anything.

I will never forget the impact that The Beatles had, not only on music, dress and social attitudes but the whole of society, their musical influences still prevail today. They completely dominated the music charts throughout the world in the sixties in a way that had never happened previously and will never happen again. Their influence changed the whole world and they proved that anything was possible. It was that attitude of freedom that produced the pirate radio stations in the mid 60’s. The Internet and online radio reflects that same kind of pioneering and freedom of expression.

I have been interested in music and radio since listening to Radio Luxembourg when I was five. Community and Internet/Wi-Fi radio gives the most exciting opportunities since the 60's Pirates Radio Caroline off the Thames Estuary and The Isle of Man, Radio Scotland off the coast of Dunbar and the 20 or so offshore stations dotted around the UK coast. Another milestone in the history of UK radio which I remember well was the early years of Independent Local Radio (ILR) in the mid 1970's, that was also exciting and a major breakthrough for British Radio at the time.

Brian Anderson

Brian AndersonPresenter at the legendary Radio Caroline. In the 1960’s Radio Caroline revolutionized British radio broadcasting. I was with the station in 1973 and 1974 when the ship was anchored off the Dutch Coast.

1975 – 1981 - Producer, Presenter, Head of Training, Head Of Music at Radio Tees a commercial regional radio station in the North East of England. Presenters trained by me are now found in many radio stations across Britain including two ex-daytime controllers of BBC Radio 1.

1981 – 1990 - Head of Programs, Head of Music, Head of Training, Presenter at Moray Firth Radio. Based in the North of Scotland, Moray Forth Radio is one of Britain’s smallest commercial radio stations. Throughout the 1980's the station achieved some of the highest audience figures ever recorded in British local radio. The station continues to achieve high audience figures and has won a great many top awards for its programming.

1900 – 2002 Operating from Shanghai, China and a cottage studio in Scotland. The first Western DJ allowed to broadcast in China consequently I had a documentary made about me by BBC Scotland called the Man Who Talks to China. There were 300 million potential listeners in 14 cities throughout China plus another 79 million in Vietnam and Mongolia. I went to China in November 1988 to make a documentary for Capital Radio in London. The Chinese offered me the opportunity to produce programs but said they could not pay me. I would have to pay them by selling advertising. Courier company DHL. agreed to sponsor a weekly "Hello From Britain" program in Shanghai. I returned to China in May 1989 to sign a contract and found myself in the middle of the Tiananmen Square student demonstrations

After a few years away from UK commercial radio I worked for two years as a presenter with Original 106 FM a new radio station for Aberdeenshire and North East Scotland, I have also been a regular presenter on Dutch Online Radio Station Radio Seagull.

This is a condensed account of Brian and his very exciting and often dangerous career ( even more dangerous than walking the streets of Stockton-On-Tees and Middlesbrough in the 70’s). For the full story see

Classic Seventies Radio with Brian Anderson and Solid Gold Sunday. One of the most popular and innovative presenters on the equally progressive Radio Tees now known as TFM. Essential listening for many many thousands of us in the area and beyond, Radio Tees was broadcast from the Bilsdale Transmitter one of the most powerful in the UK, consequently it could be heard on FM well beyond it's licensed area. When we moved to Boston in Lincolnshire 160 miles away I erected a 10ft FM DX aerial which meant that on occasion in the summer I could pick up Brian's shows. That's what you had to do to get decent radio in those days. Brian has authorised me to play the 70's RADIO TEES shows I recorded and is going to let me have some of his own vast collection for our Vintage Radio Shows, these include Tees Rock, Solid Gold Sunday & Natural Mass.

Jim Waters

Jim WatersJim Waters whose original claim to fame was being the younger brother of Mark is not overshadowed by Big Brother. A Locksmith by trade he certainly does not keep his record collection locked away although some of those tracks he plays do sound like they have been kept in the dark and suddenly unleashed to tear the world apart.

Living in London Jim has the opportunity to go and see performers we can only dream about up here in Scotland. He occasionally provides reviews of the acts he sees. Listen out for Jim’s show Off The Album and his other shows with a special theme such as the excellent 4 part Beauty & The Beast. The minimum of talk and the maximum music and that music can be the loudest of metal to the quietest sentimental track.

Mr Deogh

Mr DeoghMr Deogh Presents. Mr. Deogh is a North American broadcaster of nil repute. He was born in a hospital, mainly because he wanted to be near his mother. Little is known of his background as he did not stay long enough in one place. The only constant in Mr. Deogh's life was his love of music, no matter what the genre. Ray Deogh got involved in broadcasting during an extended visit to lowland Scotland. It was during this period that Mr. Deogh met and argued with John Leith of The Music Machine Scotland. The arguments were friendly and at no point resorted to fisticuffs, both men being gentlemen. The current series of broadcast are the result of a test session for TMMS. Mr. Deogh strives hard to remain incognito and thus the picture is a few decades old.