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About The Music Machine Scotland

We are fully licensed with The Performing Rights Society PRS and Phonographic Performance Limited PPL

The Future of Radio

I am of the opinion that the future of radio is online, you could almost say that the internet was made for radio. You can listen to any station in the world in your own home, at work or the office, in the street or in your car. No fading like those old Radio Luxembourg days. I have listened to The Music Machine Scotland all the way down to Berwick–upon–Tweed and back with only two small breaks in transmission, anyone who knows that road will know exactly where it went off. Normal radio reception on that same road is a total nightmare with virtually no FM reception from either Forth 1, Borders Radio or the BBC nationals. If you can get a mobile signal and you receive internet data on your phone you can get internet radio. I use The 3 network with unlimited data. If you have a data allowance from your mobile phone provider remember that listening to internet radio is using up your data allowance.

Community Radio

I am 100% in support of Community Radio and The Music Machine Scotland is providing and will continue to provide and develop further a service with social gain. I would like to congratulate East Coast FM on obtaining the Community Radio FM licence for East Lothian. The Music Machine Scotland has no immediate intentions of applying to broadcast on the FM Band as at the moment we can offer excellent value advertising and sponsorship rates using a medium which is expanding at a breath taking rate and swallowing up many traditional businesses and practices. The Internet has made everyone in all businesses and services think carefully and be concerned about the future. For us here at TMMS the internet is the present and the future.

Sound Quality

This is a music station therefore quality of sound is extremely important, we broadcast at 128kbs with a sampling rate of 44100, this is virtually CD quality. Obviously what you the listener hears depends on what you are listening on, the important thing is that with the right equipment an excellent sound can be achieved. Adding even a good budget pair of speakers to your PC., laptop or netbook can make a big difference, adding a set of speakers with a sub-woofer or even listening on Headphones instead of pods elevates your listening experience dramatically. Listening on your MP3 player, smartphone, iPhone or iPod with speakers or decent headphones instead of pods also makes a tremendous difference. There are some excellent internet radios around which make it as easy to listen to us as it is to listen to say Radio 2 on FM. The Roberts stream 83i (best price £135.00) Wi-Fi internet radio is well worth considering. You can get cheaper radios but some don’t sound that great, again a decent set of headphones or stereo speakers can make a big difference.

Ways To Listen

Anywhere you have an internet connection, that can be a simple PC, laptop or netbook. On the home page is a player which should have started automatically as soon as you reached the page. If there is no sound press the small triangle at the left of the player. If the player stops playing, pressing F5 will usually restart, the same refresh using F5 will bring the schedule page up to date and include changes made whilst you have been listening. Listening on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, smartphone, smart TV or Roku Netflix? Just get the TuneIn app or the WunderRadio app and search The Music Machine Scotland (Type in the full name). If you have bought a Wi-Fi radio and a search either finds nothing or even the wrong station the instructions that came with the radio will tell you how to add the station. If you have any difficulty please email me giving the make and model of the radio and I will endeavour to sort it out for you

Your Station

We want to hear from you. Send us your requests or preferably send us your top 20 favourite tracks and we will contact you and make arrangements for them to be played. If you like music or you are involved in music or entertainment we want to hear from you