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Welcome to The Music Machine Scotland

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Welcome to The Music Machine Scotland the new name for Rock Radio East Lothian. The Music Machine Scotland is broadcasting online from The East Coast around 10 miles from the Capital City Edinburgh, home of the world famous Castle.

With the new name we aim to build on the firm foundations established by RREL which started 24/7 broadcasting on 22nd December 2011, gained almost 4000 supporters on Facebook and almost 800 visitors to our website every month. The new name will further assist us in developing and widening the scope to play different genres of quality music. In addition to widening the scope of our music our new name and logo which incorporates the Saltire launched on 2nd May 2013 confirms our intention to become a national station for the whole of Scotland.

I firmly believe that the future of radio is online, most households have more internet connected devices than FM radios, this gives us the chance to offer listeners the local service they want not the service the broadcasters are forcing us to take on the conventional broadcasting platforms.

With the FM stations becoming regional and some of the DAB stations operating from Manchester or London, soon there could be virtually no radio produced here in Scotland. The Music Machine Scotland is liaising with other online stations in the UK to reverse the trend. Let us look back at the exciting days of the then new (ILR) INDEPENDENT LOCAL RADIO Stations in the seventies and compare with today, well they are no longer INDEPENDENT, most are owned in groups by large companies. They are definitely not LOCAL, the trend for most is to go Regional or National for most of the time. The BBC local stations are going the same way with opt outs to the national stations. Well it is still RADIO but for how long? Well here at The Music Machine Scotland we are playing our part in keeping real radio alive by playing the kind of rock oriented music and other quality genres that are just not being played on other stations. Expect to hear us playing more minority taste music in specialist slots giving more opportunity for music groups and sponsors to get involved.

The reason for originally choosing the name Rock Radio East Lothian is that Rock Music is so diverse, it continues to produce an endless variation of styles some of which were born in the 1930’s and 1940’s, however, it is generally accepted that rock music as we know it was born in the fifties and elevated to worldwide acceptance and dominance in the sixties and has progressed from there. During the last 50 years Rock music has encompassed every quality genre.

The Music Machine Scotland format is unique and innovative with presenters who are passionate about their music some of who will admit that music is close to being the most important thing in their lives. So whether you are a passionate but casual listener or you are able to produce your own shows from home or somewhere in between, why not contact me? I should also mention the vintage radio shows we play on our station letting you hear how radio sounded 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, you will be amazed at the quality of these sound recordings and also to find that they were playing music in the 70’s and 80’s still played and influencing todays musicians. This would be a good opportunity to say that we also play music by many new performers some of who have kindly provided us with their latest releases in digital form, CD or even vinyl. Over half of the presenters on The Music Machine Scotland can play vinyl taking great pleasure at the surge in interest in singles and LP’s because for them it never went away.

The station is driven by you the listener, so let me put it another way, we are not only looking for people who just like music we are looking for people who absolutely love their music, people who could not survive without it. If you are still reading this you will have certainly got the message by now. Look forward to hearing from you.

John Leith -